Magically Invisible T.V.

The Magicians is one of the most important TV shows that isn’t being watched right now. In recent years, given the quality and dominance of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings creating new fantasy has become increasingly difficult, it’s all been done before. That is no excuse, in the days before […]

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Dystopian History Lessons.

The Handmaid’s Tale is coming to TV, set in a dystopic future where women are kept as breeding stock and we could learn some important lessons. Dystopian fiction is one of the most popular genres sold today. Set in futures after a series of events has irrevocably tipped the balance of power in the world, […]

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Manimalistic Tendencies

The release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has brought protest from certain groups but the depiction of Bestiality is a tale as old as time. Cave paintings from 10,00BC are the earliest examples and it doesn’t stop there. Queen Pasiphae of Crete saw a majestic bull and made the Minotaur and what did Eve […]

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Slaying The Vampire Diaries To Rest.

The Vampire Diaries has ended, it should have been better. Buffy The Vampire Slayer celebrated its Twentieth Anniversary on the same day, for some, Buffy’s unashamed feminism is what keeps it relevant today. Buffy creator and big damn hero Joss Whedon is undoubtedly a feminist who understands feminism. Quite importantly he understands feminism from a […]

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